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It is possible to have a plastic-free hygiene and beauty routine!

One of the biggest offenders of today’s plastic pollution is the 142 million units of plastic and packaging from Hygiene and Beauty Products.

According to Tap Warehouse, over a lifetime Brits produce 52,000 items of bathroom waste, weighing the same as 300 blue whales. This is on top of the statistic that 50% of Brits don’t currently recycle bathroom waste, leading to 2.7 billion plastic bottles heading to landfill every year.

First thing to do: look at what you buy, then try to find possible alternatives

The lockdown actually gave us a good excuse to look through our belongings and find ways we can reduce. Most people found the time to start a new zero-waste lifestyle!

Look through your vanity and bathroom drawers, and find items you used to buy most of the time. More likely you have items you haven’t touched for a year since the lockdown stopped us from heading out and getting dolled up. Note down which items you use more of for going out and for work, then find items to swap them with zero-waste options. For other times, consider giving them away, but make sure they are still safe to use.

Side note: Swapping products away from what we are used to for so long is difficult. This is mostly because it requires more effort and more money to buy or get alternative items. Some alternatives may also need you to travel to other stores or Refill Hubs to get your zero-waste items which means you have to travel outwith your common route to the supermarket.

Be mindful of what you can do and what you can't

Do not panic, if you are not getting all the non-toxic items you need at once. Most times you may have to keep using a few typical items for a short period due to various reasons, such as saving money, buying zero-waste make up seems too much of a hassle to collect or the issue with items being delivered all the way from the other side of the country or the world! All take a lot of time and patience.

Nevertheless, options are there for people who are willing to take a crack at changing their lifestyle. Keep a detailed diary of which items to keep track of, when you should get items or when they are ready to be refilled. Being organised is part of the routine.

Patience and being kind to yourself is definitely key. If you are not able to consistently make these changes because of overweighing reasons, do not feel bad. Less Plastic or Zero-Waste lifestyles are a process that takes dedication and time, but, continue to remind yourself that every little change matters.



Bathroom hygiene items to try

Most of these items are available at your local Boots, Superdrug or large supermarkets.

Shampoo Bottles to Shampoo Bars (Available in Boots, Superdrug and Local Supermarkets)





Disposable Cotton Pads to Reusable Cotton Cloths to remove make-up (Available in Boots, Superdrug and Local Supermarkets)




Plastic Razors to Metal or Bamboo Razors (Available in Boots, Superdrug and Local Supermarkets)




Disposable Sanitary Pads to Reusable Cotton Sanitary Pads (Rovtop from Amazon) or Reusable Sanitary Underwear (ModiBodi)




Body Lotion bottles to Body Lotion Bars (Etsy)

Plastic Cotton Buds to Bamboo stick based Cotton Buds (Bambaw from Boots)

Refillable make-up

Refillables are great alternative options away from plastic-filled make-up items. Brands such as Lush, Glow Organic, Tropic, EcoTools are great examples of eco-friendly, vegan, and ethically-conscious brands that give you a variety of items to try.

  • Refillable Deodarants
  • Refillable Lipsticks
  • Refillable Mascara
  • Refillable Bronzers
  • Refillable Eyeshadow
  • Packaging Free Foundation
  • Packaging Free Highlighter


Check out the websites below that offer refillable make-up and bathroom items!: