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Make a Few Adjustments at Work to Save Energy and Money

Why Save Energy?

Wasting Energy costs. A Lot. According to Zero Waste Scotland, in 2016, £19,000 on average a year was wasted energy in small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). There can be £200 million worth of savings for Scottish organisations that could be 24% average energy saving per business

Saving energy at work is as essential as saving energy at work. There are various ways businesses and workplaces can do to become more sustainable. Not only will changes at work can save energy but it also saves a lot of money.

Ways to Reduce Energy at Work​

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Energy-Saving Modes. Your phone has its own ‘hibernation mode’ and so does your laptop or desktop. Activate this, and allow your computer to switch off. 

Laptops, Not Desktops. Monitor size also takes up a lot of energy. If you don’t work in fields that need a large screen i.e graphic design. You can convert to smaller screens or Ipads or Tablets.

Use a good Power Bank and bring it to work. Your phone or laptop doesn’t need to be plugged in the whole day. Charge a power bank at home and bring it to your work desk. Saves you from untangling that wire every time. 

Unplug. Goes without explaining. Energy can still flow through currents even when appliances are switched off. It’s best to just unplug completely. For workplaces, try unplugging on the weekends or during holidays.

Print Less. Energy from printing far too many copies is wasteful in paper and electrical cost. Print only what is needed.

E-documents are widely more appropriate nowadays to reduce company paper trail.

Paper-Saving features. In printers, use double-sided printing and encourage electronic document sharing to edit around the team.

Centralise and move printers. Consider how many printers are really needed within your workplace. Move them to where all employees can reach it with equal distance.

Recycle ink-cartridges properly. The black ink in them are considered carcinogenic which is harmful for the health. Check out these links to find ink recycling centres around Scotland and UK. 

In Forth Valley,

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Use Natural Light. If your office windows are wide, great! Its best to turn your ceiling lights off and let the sun come in. 

Choose Low Wattage Lights. Install CFL or LED lights. Both consume less energy. 

Treat Draughts. Try do this before spending too much on heating, ventilation or cooling systems. 

Encourage Sustainable Habits. Ask staff to check if windows are closed when its cold. Open the window for fresh air if its warm. Try setting up instructions on How To… use appliances efficiently. 

Use Traffic Lights for appliances. E.ON recommends that employers try using traffic light stickers. Red means don’t turn off, amber means authorised people can turn it off, and green means anyone can. 

Check Zero Waste Scotland’s ‘Save Energy for Staff Work Campaign’. Encourage your staff to create behaviour change for efficient sustainable habits. 

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