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Make your own sustainable bath bombs

Bath bombs are a lot of fun, but some can be damaging to our environment.

Not only do some bath bombs come in plastic wrapping that cannot be recycled, many also contain chemicals and glitter that pollute the water when it goes down the drain.

But did you know that you can make your own environmentally friendly bath bombs with ingredients already in your home?

Here’s a quick and smile method for everything you will need to make your own sustainable bath bombs.


1/2 cup baking powder

1/4 cup of citric acid

2 teaspoons of essential oil

2 teaspoons of olive oil (almond oil also works just as well)

A few drops of a food colouring of your choice

With these ingredients I was able to make four small bombs, but feel free to double the amount and make as many as you like!


2 x bowls (or 1 x bowl and 1 x jug for the wet ingredients)

1 x whisk

1 x bath bomb mould (you can buy these or you can use almost anything such as a bauble holder or small shot glasses)


Step 1.

Mix your dry powders together in one bowl and your wet ingredients in separate bowl – if you are using food colouring make sure to use glass bowls to ensure there’s no staining.  

Step 2.

Add the wet ingredients slowly into your dry ingredients and stir quickly.

The fizzing noise a bath bomb makes when it hits the water is created by the reaction between the citric acid and baking powder when wet. Therefore, it is essential to make sure not to set the reaction off early!

Continue until all the wet and dry ingredients are fully mixed together.

Step 3.

Fill your bath bomb mould with your mixture. Make sure to pack the mixture in tightly and to fill the whole mould.

When taking the bath bombs out of the mould, be careful not to break them apart. But even if you do – just gather up what you can and pack them back into the mould and try again.

The bath bombs are now ready to go. If you would like the shape to be firmer, you can also leave them to sit overnight to allow to mixture to collect into one solid form.

And sit back and enjoy your lovely fragranced bath!

Did you make your own sustainable bath bombs? Let us know how you did!