Carbon Conversations & Climate Cafes

Our Climate Cafe offers a safe space to have a Carbon Conversation: to talk about climate change and gain the motivation and knowledge to reduce your carbon footprint.

They are held on the last Thursday of the month, from 3-4pm in the CSREC unit (Unit 8) in the Howgate, Falkirk.

Climate change can evoke complex emotions, so it can be a difficult subject to grasp and to discuss.

Awareness and knowledge of climate change isn’t always enough for people to make the necessary changes to reduce their carbon footprint. They have to be engaged emotionally, and they have to want to do it.

Reducing carbon is a difficult concept too, as it is measured in tonnes; too big for most people to grasp. Perhaps breaking it down to kilograms would be more useful, to help visualise the carbon used on a daily basis when cooking, heating our homes, or filling our car with fuel. Knowing our carbon consumption as we go about daily life could be more useful than knowing, but not grasping annual tonnage figures. Unfortunately, current figures are measured in tonnes, so we just have to do the best that we can, thinking about what we consume on a daily basis and what we could do  better. 

Why not pop along to our Climate Cafe to have a chat and find out more about topics that concern you and about reducing your carbon footprint?

For Groups and Organisations

Is your group or organisation interested in knowing more about climate change, what it is doing to our planet, and how you can help? We can come and give a Carbon Conversation to you at no charge! Get in touch to find out more.