You are currently viewing 6 Ways to Re-use Silica Gel Packets

There are always new ways to help reduce waste.

We have found a great way to keep your phone, clothes, razors, and toolboxes lasting longer, and it will surprise you!

The secret is the little silica gel packets we all see in shoe boxes and lateral flow test boxes.

As they are usually thrown into the bin, you may not know that these little silica gel packets are useful in lots of different places.

Silica gel absorbs moisture as it is a desiccant, and they are used by companies to keep their products safe from being spoiled by any damp.

Although the bag describes the chemicals as harmful, if they are kept in the bag and not consumed, they are perfectly safe for use around the house.

Instead of sending them to the landfill, here are our 6 other ways to reuse your silica gel packets:

1. Prevent rust on razor blades

The chemicals in the bag prevent damp from collecting, so a few of these next to your razor blades will help to prevent rust and lessen the number of times you need to buy new razors.

2. Prevent rust on toolboxes

Similarly, they can be placed in a toolbox and prevent rust on any of your equipment. A few of these in your toolbox and you’ll always be ready to take part in one of our upcycling workshops!

3. Keep your gym wear fresh

Placed in a gym bag, these little packets can keep your workout clothes and shoes smelling fresh and clean for longer. 

4. In your wardrobe for clean smelling clothes

Keep your clothes in your wardrobe from not going stale and damp by placing a few packets in your wardrobe. This is also great for travelling, throw a few into your suitcase and there won’t be any stale clothes!

5. Prevents frost gathering on your windshield

Throw a few on your dashboard of your car and they will help dissolve any frost. Saving you time and money spent on antifreeze and scraping your car in the winter.

6. Rescue your phone

Whether you have dropped your phone in a puddle or left it out in the rain, don’t waste rice, instead use silica gel packets. Put your phone along with some silica gel packets into a sealed bag or Tupperware and leave overnight. Your phone will work just as normal in the morning.

Do you have any other ways to re-use silica gel packets? Let us know your ideas!